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The New Moon Tarot Blend

The New Moon Tarot Blend

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The Moon card in the Tarot is a shadowy reminder of how we must use instinct and intuition to face the facets of our subconcious and move beyond fear, or even a false sense of security, in order to reach our goals. We must walk in mindfulness with a realization that things aren't always as they seem. It is a card for moving forward only if we are aware that there is illusion in every fact. Remember, the light of the moon is not its own; it is only reflecting that of the greater sun. Like the shadows on the cave wall in Plato's allegory, we are bound by ignorance if we only trust what we see with our eyes. The New Moon Blend can be used for passing through the distortion of darkness to get to the light. A New Moon fosters the chance to start things fresh, and to begin a new venture or make adjustments to an old one. It's implications are different from the Fool card in the sense that we have gathered new insight along the way and we are ready to face the journey with a new sense of awakening. Our proprietary New Moon Tarot Blend combines the watery lightness of floral notes with a slight tang of citrus and Ylang Ylang. It is enhanced with Moonstone crystals known to be powerful for intuiting and for use with divinatory and dream work. Moonstones are also good for use in calming and for inciting passion and love energies.