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Outer blends for inner transformation

Azure Alchemy Aromatics is a small company with a large vision to share the wondrous benefits of plant therapy with those looking to find greater equilibrium in life, personal empowerment, and a more complete sense of self. 
Our special blends are proprietary holistic aids for restoring inner peace and balance. 
Our Mission
It has been written that philosophy can only be acquired through spiritual experience. 
Our oils and blends are an aid to your experience, while also helping one to navigate the complexities of everyday life. The path of any Great Work is always in flux and those dedicated to it are always learning and growing. As you grow with us, Azure Alchemy Aromatics grows with you.
Our Philosophy
Using Azure Alchemy pure and clean essential oils and blends during daily prayer, or as a base for magical or meditative practice can help release stagnant energies, clear old habits, and encourage a heightened connection between mind, body, emotions, and spirit, offering a more fulfilled life of awareness with self, others, and the environment. 
Your Benefit


Bella is the alchemist behind our blends and the owner of Azure Alchemy Aromatics. Bella personally creates and bottles all products, ensuring the purity of each oil and the integrity of each blend.




Azure Alchemy's essential oils are, quite simply, fabulous!

We are delighted to carry these in our store.


-Daniel Waller, Manager

Copperfield's Underground Used and Rare Books


Her guidance through the tarot reading was incredibly insightful for me and the tools I learned from this process have continued to shape my ability to lead a present, fulfilled life.


~ S.B., Oregon


My first tarot reading with Isabella happened fortuitously and spur of the moment, and positively impacted my life, preparing me for a handful of hardships I would face thereafter.


~ M.B., Colorado


I highly recommend seeking her out to gain wisdom in all matters of tarot and chakra.


~ A.A., Florida


I’m grateful to have experienced a chakra clearing with Isabella, which helped me clear out negative energy and focus on what truly matters in life.


~ H.C., California


I have relied on her essential oil which contains a Tiger Eye stone and promotes feelings of strength, to get through a difficult breakup, work meetings, and overall assistance to persevere in life.


~ C.P., California

Alchemy Steps.jpg

The Alchemy Connection

Alchemy is an ancient practice considered to be the forerunner to today’s study of chemistry.  The alchemists of mediaeval times were thought to be able to convert base metals into gold and even to have discovered an elixir that would heal any ailment and prolong life.  There are multiple steps in the practice of alchemy which mirror different stages of life and that many, including Dr. Carl Jung, believed to be analogous of a road to self-discovery.  Dr. Jung found similarities in his studies between the stages of alchemy and the experience of integration with different aspects of inner awareness which he called, "Individuation."

Used by permission © Adam McLean 1998-2004


The Peacock

Peacock copy.jpeg

The peacock is symbolic of one of the stages in alchemy that is reached right before the final coniunctio, or magnum opus of connection between spirit, soul, and body.  The vibrant peacock’s tail, or cauda pavonis, colors are revealed as an announcement to the successful culmination of the alchemical work done in the process to discover the Philosopher’s Stone.  The luminous combination of colors on the peacock’s tail are also symbolic of the coming together of many into one signifying unity.

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