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Holistic Pet

Animal welfare is a leading priority for us at Azure Alchemy Aromatics. As part of our initiative to advocate for the protection of animals, we have committed to sourcing only vegetarian product ingredients

from companies that do not test on animals.

Now Carrying


As an extension of our compassion for animals, we've partnered with local jeweler, Samantha Peterson, to bring you Self Compassion Bracelets.


We're donating 20% of the proceeds of all Self Compassion Bracelet sales to Petaluma's nonprofit local animal shelter, North Bay Animal Services.

Don't forget about YOU!

Reinforce Your Self-Compassion

In 2 Easy Steps

Step 1

When wearing your Self Compassion Bracelet, notice when you perform an act of self-care or give yourself a positive affirmation. Switch your bracelet to the other wrist.

Step 2

Catch yourself doing negative self-talk or self-harm. Switch your bracelet to the other wrist.

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Holistic Pet products are for use with dogs and should not be used on other pets.

We may eventually expand Holistic Pet to include cats, bunnies, and other animals, but for now please use sparingly and with caution only on dogs.

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