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Mystery (The High Priestess) Tarot Blend

Mystery (The High Priestess) Tarot Blend

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The High Priestess card in the Tarot is a portend to the test of discernment and denotes our ability to look within to seek greater balance through reflection and integration of our inner landscape. Just as with the Magician and "As Above, So Below," the High Priestess reminds us that "As Within, So Without." Our awareness of Self and our underlying conscious principles determine our quality of life and our ability to use the tools we have access to through the Magician in a manner that is both deliberate and compassionate.


THE MYSTERY/HIGH PRIESTESS BLEND is a fresh, light scent of Violet Leaf, Palmarosa, and Geranium, among others, to inspire the journey within. Being associated with the flowing, mysterious attributes of water, these oils are blended during the light of the full moon, and are charged with the power of Sodalite crystals. Sodalite is a main component in Lapis Lazuli (found in our Third Eye Chakra Blend), and has a gentler healing aspect to it, along with properties that foster intuition and empowerment. This is a great combination for dealing with emotional health and the wisdom to face the unknown.