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Abundance (The Empress) Tarot Blend

Abundance (The Empress) Tarot Blend

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The Empress card in the Tarot is first and foremost symbolic of creation. She is affiliated with Mother Earth, Aphrodite, Demeter, and the planet Venus, harboring aspects of femininity, fertility, and abundance. As an archetype, she represents love and passion, and the creation of life through sensuality, which is not only sexual but also unbridaled artisitc development and creativity. Representing the synthesis of union between the Magician and the High Priestess, she is the harmony of that bond forming a trinity, and as the number three in the deck, holds many esoteric implications. She is harmony, but also chaos, which leads next to The Emperor, the number four, bringing structure and stability.


THE ABUNDANCE/EMPRESS BLEND is a fresh, green scent that may bring feelings of joy and lightness on a spring day. With essential oils of Basil, Bergamot, and Spearmint, among others, this blend is meant to lift and inspire you to greater creativity and awareness. Each bottle includes crystals of Peridot, a gem associated with sunshine and thought to bring abundance of love, luck, and peace. It is also used to turn negative thoughts and feelings around to positive affirmations and motivation to reach your potential. 

  • Sample vial packs also coming soon!