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Strength Tarot Blend

Strength Tarot Blend

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STRENGTH is a card in the Tarot that suggests inner fortitude and perseverance. It deals with the internal workings of one's own personality and how we face the anxiety, fears, and even wishes that create our reality. The depth of our ability to face life courageously and to take on change and difficult situations defines our character and lays a foundation for a life of temperence, faith, hope, and compassion, all the virtues that bring about positive change in our personal life and in the world. Strength is sometimes subtle power; an inner resolve of knowing when to act and when to surrender.


Our proprietary Strength Tarot Blend is a spiritual healing mix of Chamomile, citrus and spice, including Lime and Cardamom that will offer help with holding on to integrity and strengthening willpower. It is charged with Red and Gold Tigereye stones which help guide us in the correct use of our power while adding protection from negative, draining energies, and revitalizing our demeanor in order to deal well with practical matters.