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New Moon in Taurus

Auspicious time for new beginnings in the world

As we continue on with a shelter in place many are beginning to feel the stirrings of the new season and the vitality that springtime brings creating an urgency to push boundaries to get our lives and a sense of normalcy back. But, hold on! These are unprecedented times that are forming a new paradigm and foundation for life in the years to come. If you are feeling anxious or uncertain it is important to take stock of exactly what the concept of a new beginning means to you and to try and find your footing with a practice of seeking peace from the inside and in defining a way to work in collaboration with each other.

This New Moon holds a key to this as we move forward in new ways. A New Moon holds energy that greatly supports effort in birthing new vision and with help from Taurus, symbolizing strength, virility, and grounded determination we can find confidence in creating our futures. Taurus is an earth sign which also compounds the energy and coagulation, in alchemical terms, of forming the solidity of our intentions.

Another interesting aspect about Taurus and this auspicious time is the correspondences with numbers and with color...the vibrations on the visible spectrum of light. This New Moon rose at around 7:30 on 4/22/2020 and, adding the 2’s in each section gives us 4/4/4, the number 4 being a number associated with structure, organization, foundation, the four corners of the Pythagorean square. Added together they give us 3, the number of the trinity and of creative expression.

Moving on to color, the stones associated with Taurus are primarily the Emerald or Green Aventurine and Rose Quartz. The wavelengths of green reach a frequency that is found right in the middle of what are known as pure spectral colors. It is connected with the heart and the Heart Chakra, also being the middle connection, or bridge, between the the lower, instinctive Chakras and the higher, intuitive Chakras. Green is known to reduce pressure (and even inflammation) and is connected esoterically with emotional stability and wealth.

Pink has always been associated as the color of love, peace, and compassion. It is interesting to note that pink does not have a particular frequency being a combination of different vibrations of light from the lower red and the upper violet-white meeting in the middle, again connecting the heart.

These correspondences are a subtle message for us to start seeking and working with our heart energy. Let’s keep learning to work with nature and the elements! ♉️


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