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Season’s Greetings to all!

Updated: May 6, 2020

November is almost over and the new year will be here before we know it. Hopefully that means a better year for vanilla beans. The strong winds of Cyclone Enawo were thought to decimate most of the vanilla crops on Madagascar back in March, and suppliers have been unable to restock their shelves with the oil, or absolute as used in perfumery.

We have yet to see if prices will skyrocket since even though the crop yields are subsequently higher than last year’s, the quality is still in question as the percentage of young, (green), vanilla beans that were blown off the stalks early is speculative. The market for these “quick-cured” beans exists but the oil of mature beans with a curing process of three months, or more, is held to be far superior. Batches of the high grade brown-to-black beans won’t be available until late December, or early next January.


With cold and flu season here, I have discounted my stock of Eucalyptus Essential Oils through the month of December 2017:

  • 5ml Eucalyptus Radiata, Organic

  • 5ml Eucalyptus Globulus

Great for ionic diffusers, vaporizers, or a nice hot, steamed towel. Globulus provides a powerful punch; Radiata is slightly more gentle.

Breathe Deep!

Looking for a nice gift for an essential oil lover, or maybe one for yourself?

Holiday Blends are now 20% off from Black Friday through Cyber Monday!

  • Christmas Candy Blend

  • Christmas Tree Blend


  • Hannukah Gelt Blend

Use these blends in an aromatherapy burner to diffuse fragrant Holiday cheer throughout your house, or add to unscented lotions or body oils.

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