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Mastery (The Magician) Tarot Blend

Mastery (The Magician) Tarot Blend

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The Magician Tarot card is one of learning about the ultimate law of "As Above, So Below" and of utilizing the force of imagination and higher self to obtain mastery over the physical. We have the aspects for transformation at our dispersal if we learn how to use them, and with mastery comes great confidence, yet also great responsibility for the power and creative force inherent in our new awareness. Our proprietary Magician Tarot Blend is a sweet, slightly spicy mix that includes Vanilla, Lotus Flower, and Cinnamon, among others. This blend contains an oil to represent each element the Magician works with, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, incorporating all these elemental forces into your transformational work. It is also charged with Citrine crystals are added, which help to boost material abundance and ward off darkness with their bright sunshine energy. Citrine is known as the "Merchant's Stone," and is thought to reinvigorate a sense of optimism and success in matters of financial burden and helps to attract better business through clarity of communication, thoughts, and ideas.